25 yrs of torment as I was emotionally disconnected from me.
Live with a yet to be diagnosed mood disorder, practice #meditation and #mindfulness.

There is an app for that!

(Please note: All these are my own views, I’ve not been paid to review them. If you can’t see any of the app images, click ’em, and they should open)

We live in a digital age, finally the world is embracing digital technologies like never before, digital assistants are growing ever popular, and the millennial generation have embraced it beyond comprehension.
I do not class myself as a millennial, I remember a time before the internet. But at the same time I don’t class myself to be a member of Gen X, I feel too young for that. Xennial? who knows… Or I could just be clutching on to my youth. My hair is thinning so i’m trying to reclaim something. Ha!

I love technology, I can interact with technology as it is ‘orderly processes’. If this, do that. When this, action this. Technology does things in an orderly, functional, logical way, when we introduce technology into our daily lives, as long as they serve a purpose, it can make our lives easier. Here are some of the technologies and apps I use on a daily basis.

“Ok Google”

Google assistant is up there as something I use regularly. I use it’s reminders mostly, but it is full of clever ways to help you remember tasks, ideas, appointments, medications. Being bipolar, I jump from idea to idea, some great, some not so great. Saving them to google via voice allows me quickly to jot an idea down, without scrambling for a pen or piece of paper. Here is a screenshot of my current reminders.

Google Assistant Reminders

I know, yes I need to remind myself of allsorts. When I’m hyper or manic reminding myself to eat and drink or be mindful is essential for me. Just a few examples: 

“Ok Google, when I get to tesco show me my shopping list”

“Okay google, remind me when I get to work to discuss X, Y, Z”

“Okay google, remind me at 10pm on weekdays to take my medication, but on the weekends remind me at 12am”

“Okay google, on the 14th of every month, remind me to update my subscription”

“Okay google, Do I need to carry an umbrella to work”

Hey, just give it a go 🙂


Essentially it is my mood diary. You can set up as many different moods and activities you want. It will pop up on your screen twice a day, and it just asks “How are you feeling?”.
Over time you don’t even think twice about entering your mood. As long as you have the colour scheme, moods and activities set up to how you need it, it can be a powerful tool to help you understand yourself better. This can really help with navigating our struggling NHS. I have found some NHS staff (not all) to be dismissive or not fully understanding what i’m trying to explain. Marry that up with physical evidence to take to your GP or mental health worker, they cannot dispute how you are feeling. This is how I have it set up Daylio:

Overview - Dalio
Weekly Details - Daylio
Snapshot - Daylio
My Moods - Dalio

The very clever thing, is you can backup all your entries, you can share the results as a PDF, maybe print them out and take them to your next doctors appointmen?

Ha ha, I’ve just a reminder to remind myself to show my GP my entries. I’ve seen him 3 times in past 4 weeks and I keep forgetting to tell him. Ooops 🙂

When I first started using this app I found it a bit complicated to set up, however over time I got used to it and added more and more moods over time. Don’t be discouraged if you dont stick to it, it’s just a case of learning a new habit.


Now without this little gem I don’t believe I would have understood my thought processes without it. This app has so many amazing little nuggets in it, I can’t think of them all. It is a premium app, however the first seven days are free. Along with that, you have a seven day beginners guide to meditation and mindfulness lessons. through these 10 minute guided sessions, Calm teaches you how to live in the here and now, how to train your mind to focus and let go of troubles and stresses.


This may not be for everybody, It may not work for everybody. It worked for me as I was addicted to my own thoughts which resulted in me being emotionally uneducated. Through listening to these short guided lessons, I learnt to let go.

What apps do you use? have I missed out some really useful ones? Review them 🙂

PS: I’ve just received my Monza debit card this weekend, It is a new digital bank app that has not long launched in the UK. I have used it twice, once to register with google pay, and then to pay for goods. Very impressed with it’s features. It feels like you are in control of your money, more so than than standard high street banks. For someone with bipolar, it is awesome. Give me a few weeks and I will do a full review. In the meantime find out about it here.

May the force be with you. Always.