25 yrs of torment as I was emotionally disconnected from me.
Live with a yet to be diagnosed mood disorder, practice #meditation and #mindfulness.

I really don’t know where to start. This is the beginning of the end for me. The beginning of the end of my battle with mental health. I have so much that I want to say and give back to the world, I’m finding it difficult to navigate my emotions though, as I’ve never experienced such positivity. I’m levelled out and feel calm, and im feeling emotions for the first time.
A lot of reasoning, reflection and specific events in my life have led up to this moment, this blog, my truth, my pain, my heart. This blog will be the real me.

Okay, lets start in the here and now, what has led me to write this blog? Life events? Family? Colleagues? Partners? Social media? Distorted perception? Yes these have all been major factors in my understanding of mental health, how disabling it is, and how it rears it’s ugly head.

This is my first social media entry, a post of where I was, an understanding of my journey. An online outpour for some sort of redemption? I can’t answer that yet.
Friends have called me brave for what I wrote.
It wasn’t brave, I was compelled to write it, I needed to try and explain. it was an out-pour of mourning and grief. 25 years of pain brewing away in a crock pot.
I feel like it was an apology to the universe. An invitation to Karma, an understanding of who was, and who I am now.

Now at what point in my journey should I start?

Kris 🙏

Please Note – I no longer use facebook for no other reason than having a history of me. (Plus I work in ecommerce marketing, I need to know the technologies.) Everything on my profile will soon be hidden for only for me and a handful of close friends. Social media can be an addiction, it is designed to give you adrenaline. It is not real.
Please read this piece form Vancouver Island University from 2017 to find out more. Online PDF.